The first step in a ballerinas training is learning to dance with poise. These hour long classes teach French terminology with a focus on developing correct technique at both the barre and center floor.

Poise Level 1 (ages 6-7) 
Poise Level 2 (ages 8-9) 
Poise & Strength Level 2 & 3 (ages 8-10)   Strength Level 3 (ages 9-10) 
Strength Level 4 (ages 10-12) 
Strength & Grace Level 4-5 (ages 11-13) 
Grace Level 5 (ages 12-13) 
Grace Level 6 (ages 13 and up)
Grace & Beauty Level 6-7 (ages 13 and up)
Beauty Level 7 (ages 13 and up) 
Pre-Pointe Level 5-7 (ages 11 and up) 
Pointe Level 5-7 (ages 12 and up)

Poise, grace, and strength are words that come to mind when watching ballet. Each level of class increases in difficulty. French terminology, and classical technique at the barre and center floor are taught.

Private Lessons also available call 303-467-0334 office to schedule