Emotions in Motion Level 1 (ages 6-7) 

Contemporary dance is the art of portraying a story through the emotions and motion of the dance. This class teaches not only contemporary dance but also the skill of performing and conveying an emotion to the audience. 

Emotions in Motion Level 2 (ages 8-9)

Beautiful, artistic movement, which uses a dancers performance and emotions to tell a story, this is contemporary dance!

Emotions in Motion Level 3 (ages 9-10) 

Each of these classes increases in level of difficulty; Including more difficult choreography, turns and leaps. Contemporary story lines and the emotions behind the dance will be emphasized.

Contemporary Level 5-6 (ages 11+) 

These classes pair well with ballet and jazz, especially in higher level classes. Ballet technique is the foundation of contemporary dance and more difficult movement will be the focus!

Contemporary Level 7 (ages 13+)

*Level 7 classes are by instructor approval only! 


Private Lessons also available call 303-467-0334 office to schedule