Gavi Torres-Olivares

Music Instructor

Gavi was first introduced to music in his adolescence by his parents. With artists ranging from Metallica and Sad, some of his dads favorites, to Beethoven and Dave Brubeck due to his moms love of classical and jazz, he knew that he wanted to play an instrument and picked up a guitar at age 13. He found himself practicing at all hours of the night, sometimes for 6 to 8 hours at a time.

While garnering his love of guitar in his teens, Gavi decided to try out for the guitar major at Denver School of the Arts. After being accepted, he spent the next part of his musical journey discovering the language and history of jazz and learning the techniques of classical music composition. During this time he also discovered his love of much more technical guitar players. Guys such as Joe Satriani, Jason Becker, Greg Howe, Tony Macalpine, Steve Vai, and countless other “shred” guitar heroes found their way onto his playlists and their music, techniques, and extremely fast playing into his practice routine.

After deciding to pursue Jazz guitar performance and music business at the University of Colorado at Denver, Gavi quickly learned of the level of practice and commitment it would take to become a professional guitar player. At UCD he studied everything from advanced jazz improvisation and pop rock ensemble to music marketing and band management. While taking private lessons through the university, he learned everything from improvising over difficult chord changes and reading difficult music and chord charts, to proper jazz tone, technique and expanding his chord vocabulary. His music education and fandom has led to his love of all kinds of music and the realization of the importance of being a versatile and balanced guitar player who can play anything from heavy metal to bluegrass and folk.

Gavi is currently performing live with his funk pop fusion group, FLOATGOAT, his fellow MOVE teacher Matt Paradis’ Hard rock/alternative rock group, Bathing Lagoon, and his own solo progressive metal project, soon to be named. Outside of playing guitar and music, he loves spending time with his siberian husky dog, Bella Rose, skateboarding, working out, hiking and camping, and keeping up with all Colorado Sports teams.