Hip-Hop Hooray! (ages 5-6)

This class is perfect for the youngest aspiring hip-hop dancers, and at a short 30 minutes, is a perfect add-on class for extra fun!

Hip-Hop Level 1 (ages 7-8) 
Hip-Hop Level 2-3 (ages 8-10)

These hour long classes teach street style dance, in a high energy fun environment!

Hip-Hop Level 2-3 (ages 8-10) 
Hip Hop Level 4-5 (ages 10-12)

High-energy street style dance is taught in these hour-long co-ed classes. Some floor work and basic break dancing will be included.

Hip-Hop Level 6 (ages 13 and up)

Street style dance in a high energy class that is a great workout!

Squad Level 7 (ages 13 and up)

Our most advanced hip-hop class for the serious dancer.

Dudes with Moves Level 2-4 (ages 6-9)

All boys and 100% cool! This boys only, 30 minute, class introduces hip hop dancing, basic tricks and break dancing moves!

B-Boys Level 5-7 (ages 10 and up)

These all male classes are great for our younger dudes and B-Boys in training. No girls are allowed! Hip-Hop choreography will be taught along with floor work and some break dancing.