Jazz Pizzaz Level 1 (ages 6-7) 
Jazz Pizzaz Level 2 (ages 8-9) 
Jazz Pizzaz Level 2&3 (ages 8-10)

These classes will add “pizzaz” to any dancers training. The hour-long classes will include a warm up period to work on strength & flexibility, and high-energy combinations across the floor are the focus.

Jazz Pizzaz Level 3 (ages 9-10) 
Jazz Level 4 (ages 10-12)

Jazz teaches strength, flexibility and technique all to up beat fun music. Combine tap and jazz classes for complete training for your dancer!

Jazz Level 5 (ages 12-13) 
Jazz Level 6 (ages 13 and up) 
Jazz Level 7 (ages 13 and up)

Each of these classes increases in level of difficulty. Including more difficult choreography, turns and leaps. In jazz strength and flexibility will be a focus.


Private Lessons also available call our friendly and helpful staff at 303-467-0334 to schedule!