Q: How does tuition work?

A: Tuition is billed on the 25th of every month. The amount billed will be for the next month ie: February tuition will be billed on the 25th of January and so on

Q: What other fees are involved?

A: There is a registration fee for new families and those who were not enrolled in summer classes! A breakdown of fees associated with registration can be found on the "tuition & fees page". We also charge a handful of recital fees that are charged throughout the season; keep in mind that recital is optional so families who choose not to participate will not be charged. 

Q: How long is your session?

A: We like to refer to this as our "season" and it runs from mid-August to June. Summer classes begin immediately after the recital and run until July 31st. Dates vary slightly between dance and music; precise dates can be found on our calendar of important dates on our home page. 

Q: How does the dance recital work?

A: Dance recital is a lot of fun! Students who choose to participate will begin learning their routine in January or early February and will rehearse for their performance until the show in June. All of their hard work pays off when they perform in front of all of their friends & family on the big stage! Our staff gives them the tools to be successful on the stage; we really pride ourselves on our seamless and professional shows! All costumes will be ordered for you by our staff so the process is easy and convenient.

Q: How do I know what class to put my child in?

A: We provide a description of each class under the "dance classes" tab. Classes are also recommended based on age and ability; we feel it's important for classes to be age appropriate. You'll find that each class has a recommended age range and we follow that closely. Our staff would be happy to assist you in finding the class that is right for you. As always, your first trial class is on us!

Q: How do your music classes work?

A: Music classes are structured as 30 minute private lessons with one of our highly qualified music instructors. We also offer a few select group music classes.

Q: How does music recital work?

A: There are actually two music recitals! We put on a recital in December as well as June to showcase our talented musicians. Students perform the pieces they have been working on in class; it's a lot of fun! 

Q: Why do we have to order dance recital costumes so early?

A: It might sound crazy but every single dance studio in the country has their recital in June. We get costume orders in early to make sure that the costume company has time to process and ship our order in time. We've streamlined this process for you and now measure each dancer and order costumes on your behalf!

Q: Are there any fundraising opportunities?

A: Yes! We offer a King Soopers fundraiser that is easy and successful for a lot of families. Families will use a reloadable gift card to do their grocery shopping and will receive a percentage back as a credit to their account. Our front office staff would be happy to walk you through the process if you're interested in participating!

Additional Questions? We'd be happy to answer them! Contact us at info@movebymorelli.com or give us a call at 303-467-0334.